Preparing for your trip

Where will we be fishing?

  • We fish on 3 local rivers:

    • Ouachita - Mt. Ida, Arkansas

    • Caddo - Glenwood, Arkansas

    • Saline - Benton, Arkansas

  • We usually hold off on making a decision on which river and stretch to float until a couple days before your trip. This allows us to pick the best water for your time. If you have a preference or are visiting closer to a certain river we will try to accommodate.

What should you bring?

  • We like to get off the water with the same amount of holes in our bodies as we started the day with. To help ensure this please remember to bring your sunglasses (polarized is a big plus) and hats.

  • Most likely we will have to get our feet wet. In warmer months Chacos or water shoes work well. In the colder months you may opt for waders. Please leave the cleats at home.

  • We will have some snacks and beverages on board to share but if there is something you prefer go ahead and bring it along.

  • Even though we will provide all fishing gear you are welcome to bring your rod along if you'd prefer it. Just let us know in advance so we can make room for it.

  • A change of clothes is always a good idea.

  • You'll need to purchase a fishing license for the day. They can be purchased online here.

  • Dress appropriate - cool and quick drying for the heat - layers for the cold - rainwear if in the forecast.